William Robinson
The ‘Socialism of Fools’ of the ‘Anti-Imperialist’ Left
Aug 2023

Cyril Smith
Marx's Conception of Science
Aug 1997

Adam Hanieh
When Oil Markets Go Viral
April 2020
from Verso: https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/4651-when-oil-markets-go-viral

Rémi Grumel
Récession mondiale : où va la crise du coronavirus ?
March 2020

Ernest Mandel
La grève générale. Questions stratégiques

Sergio Grez
Chili. Le soulèvement populaire doit ouvrir la voie à l’assemblée constituante
Nov 2019
Par Sergio Grez (Forum de l’Assemblée constituante)

Karina Nohales, Javier Zuñiga
Chili: «La classe travailleuse est en train de se constituer comme un acteur politique»
Nov 2019
In French. from Contretemps : http://www.contretemps.eu/chili-revolte-classe-travailleuse/

Michael Löwy
The Spark Ignites in the Action - the Philosophy of Praxis in the Thought of Rosa Luxemburg
May 2011
From the International Viewpoint

Michael Roberts
The fantasy world of the Long Depression
Apr 2019

Michel Husson
Economic Crisis and Global Disorder
Oct 2019
From International Viewpoint - December 2018

Michael Roberts
G20, Trade and Financial Stability
Sep 2019

William Robinson
Global Capitalism: Crisis of Humanity and the Specter of 21st Century Fascism
Oct 2019

Hugo Goeury
Jair Bolsonaro and the Rise of Fascism in Brazil
May 2019

William Robinson
21st Century Fascism and the Crisis of Capitalism
April 2019
By William Robinson. From the Marxist Sociology Blog.

Chad Kautzer
Educating the Educators
July 2018
Commentary on part of Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach (1845)- From Krisis 2018, Issue 2

William I. Robinson
Accumulation Crisis and Global Police State
Republished from Critical Sociology

The Lessos of Spain: The Last Warning
Dec 1937
On the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939

Worker Activists
Towards a National Workers Organisation in Iran
May 2018
A may day manifesto by Iranian worker activists

Bertell Ollman
The Utopian Vision of the Future (Then and Now): A Marxist Critique
Jul 2005
From Monthly Review site

The Spanish Revolution And the Dangers Threatening it
May 1931

Felix Morrow
Civil War in Spain
Part of a special issue of Kandokav on the Spanish Civil War. Translated into Persian by Y.K.

Nazanin and Yamin
A Critique of Anarcho-Collectivism
March 2018
Frpm Kandokav 6 (in Persian)

Torab Saleth
Conspiracy, Revolt, Revolution and Social Disintegration
Jan 2018
An abridged translation of an interview by Behzad Asadi with Torab Saleth about the recent upheavals in Iran-Jan-2018

Torab Saleth
Present Epoch
June 2017
A review of the concept of epoch in Marxism and an analysis of the present epoch. (article in Persian)

Kevin Murphy
Story of the February Revolution
March 2017
Russian workers went on strike on International Women’s Day 1917. They ended up toppling tsarism. source: Jacobin

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
The women’s growing movement against Trump
March 2017

Torab Saleth
History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency - Part 1: 1971-79
March 2016
The History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency is based on discussions with Torab Saleth over a number of sessions which will be published in a series of Kandokav issues. This first part deals with the period between 1971 to the Iranian Revolution in 1979. (in Persian)

Ramin Javan
Trotsky and the Workers Soviets
Jan 2016
Currently only in Persian

Torab Saleth
Marxist-Bolshevik Educational Program
Nov 2015
in Persian

Khabat Maziyar
Political Subject, Symptom of a Dark Confused Age
Nov 2015
A critique of petty-bourgeois supra-class ideas and politics.

Zimmerwald Manifesto
Sep 2015
On the centenary of the Zimmerwald Conference

Franz Jakubowsky
Being and Consciousness
First chapter from Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism by Franz Jakubowsky, translated by Anne Booth, Allison and Busby 1976

Khabat Maziyar
Syriza's Proposed Package: the Big Deceit or a little Obedience
July 2015

Ramin Javan
The Revolutionary Poet of Munich Soviet
June 2015
On the anniversary of the murder of Erich Muhsam by the Nazis.

Justin Raimondo
The Israeli-Saudi Alliance
June 2015
Does it go deeper than a mutual antipathy to Iran? From antiwar.com

Zuhal Yeşilyurt Gündüz
The “New Turkey”: Fetishizing Growth with Fatal Results
June 2015
From Monthly Review

Erdem Yörük
Kurds, Labor, and the Left in Turkey
June 2015
An interview with Erdem Yörük from EastLeft

Maral Jefroudi
Parliamentary Elections in Turkey
June 2015
HDP’s poetic call for “Great Humanity” - from International Viewpoint

John Bellamy Foster
Mészáros and the Critique of the Capital System
June 2015
Foreword to "The Necessity of Social Control" from Monthly Review

Raoul Vaneigem
A Warning to Students of All Ages
This pamphlet was originally published in French in 1995. It was translated by JML with NOT BORED! in August 2000.

Marcello Musto
On the History of the 1st International
May 2015
Persian translation of the introduction by Marcello Musto on the history of the 1st International - translation by Ramin Javan

A Group of Socilaist Activists
Manifesto of Revolutionary Socialism
May 2015
From Kandokav 2 - The Manifesto of revolutionary Socialism (a proposal for discussion on the need for a revolutionary socialist tendency in Iran): Dying but Barbaric Capitalism; Bourgeoisie and its Rivals; The Crises; The Revolts and the Solutions; The Socialists and the revolutionary Road of Marxian Socialism; revolutionary Socialism and Contemporary Iran.

Torab Saleth
Marx and the Revolutionary Dictatorship of the Proletariat
May 2015
From Kandokav 2: The Current Roots of the Debate; Marx and Proletarian Dictatorship; State and Government; Governmental Form Of Proletarian Dictatorship.

Torab Saleth
On the Asiatic Mode of Production
May 2015
From Kandokav 2 - The Importance of the Theory of Asiatic Mode of Production; Marx and the Asiatic Mode of Production; Characteristics of the Asiatic Mode of Production; Asiatic Mode of Production in Iran

Torab Saleth
Marxism and Revolutionary Strategy
May 2015
From Kandokav 2 - Marx and the Theory of revolution2; Political revolution2 and Social revolution2; revolutionary Tasks; Socialist revolution2; The Longevity of Strategy; Question of Strategy in the Russian revolution2; Permanent revolution2.

Torab Saleth
Socialists and the Slogan of Constituent Assembly
May 2015
From Kandokav 2 - The Nature of the Problem; The Experience of the Iranian revolution2; Bourgeois and Socialist revolution2s; The Right Opposition; The Left Opposition; Evasions; The Experience of the Russian revolution2; Workers State and Constituent Assembly; Historical Scenarios.

Torab Saleth
Diplomatic Victory or Islamic Capitulation!
April 2015
About the Iran-US nuclear deal - in Persian

Parviz Sedaghat
The Puzzle of Fictitious Capital
March 2015
Alongside the international expansion of the finance sector in the world capitalist economies, Iran has witnessed a huge growth in fictitious capital accumulation which has now become a major structural problem in the Iranian economy.

Peter Hudis
The Dialectic of the Spatial Determination of Capital
March 2015
Rosa Luxemburg’s Accumulation of Capital Reconsidered - from Logos

James Plested
Saving Art from the Market
March 2015
"Capitalism is killing art" - from RedFlag site

Hasan Azad
In Defence of Marx's Theory of Value
March 2015
A reply to Bohm-Bawerk critique of Marx's theory of value.

We are Standing!
March 2015
A Persian poem by Rahyab for Norooz

Shideh Sotudeh
Politics is the continuation of war by other means!
March 2015
If Clausewitz had seen the current world-order of permanent wars brought about by US imperialism he would have probably said the opposite! So what are the prospects for peace in the Middle East if USA and Iran can reach agreement on the nuclear issue?

Results of the Greek Elections
Asoo Fuladi interviews Torab Saleth about the Greek election results.

Amin Hasoori
Zizek and Charlie Hebdo
Jan 2015
From Praxis

Torab Saleth
Towards a National Workers Organisation
Jan 2015
Towards a National Workers Organisation in Iran.

Michael Roberts
The spectre of deflation
Jan 2015
from Weekly Worker

Peter Hudis
Conceptualizing an Emancipatory Alternative - Istvan Meszaros's Beyond Capital
Jan 1997

David Graeber
Roy Bhaskar obituary
Dec 2014
Guardian, 4th Dec. 2014

Sarah Amirian
On the Causes of the Acid Attacks
October 2014

Mohammad Reza Shalgooni
The Real Culprits for Acid Attacks on Women are Sitting in "Parliament"
October 2014
From Gozareshgaran site

Garikai Chengu
How USA Helped Create ISIS

Ramin Javan
In memory of Joe Hill

Yassamine Mather
The IS conundrum
October 2014

Shahrokh Zamani
Against the Death Sentence, in Defence of the Right of Self-determination for National Minorities
October 2014

Hillel Ticktin
What is the capitalist strategy?
September 2014

Moshé Machover
Zionism - Quest for Legitimacy
September 2014

Torab Saleth
The 1953 Coup - Ervand Abrahamian

Hillel Ticktin
Capitalism - Declining Forms, Failing System
August 2013

Reza Shahabi
The Role of Advanced Workers in Iran
June 2013

Reza Shahabi
About the Class Struggle in Iran
March 2013

Michael Lebowitz
The Relevance of Marxism Today
March 2013
An Interview With Michael A. Lebowitz by Zhuo Mingliang

Khabar Mazyari, Asoo Fooladi
The National Question in Iran and the Communist Alternative
December 2012
From Alternative, No 15

Robert Albritton
Marx's Value Theory and Subjectivity
Albritton argues here that "at the present time no single theory has greater potential for advancing the theory of subjectivity than Marx's value theory."

Hal Draper
Marx and the Withering Away of State
October 2011

Alan Maass
Who will make socialism?
July 2011

John Bellamy Foster
Marxism and Ecology
August 2011

Torab Saleth
How useful is the Theory of Permanent Revolution Today
Dec 2007

Torab Saleth
Intellectuals and Power
August 2009

Mohammad Reza Shalgooni
Palestinians of Today, Jews of Yesterday
April 2009

Torab Saleth
Islamic Revolution or Counterrevolution
On the 30th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, Torab Saleth examines its historical roots- from the Weekly Worker 12.02.2009

Istvan Meszaros
The Structural Crisis of the System
January 2009
Meszaros talks to Judith Orr and Patrick Ward about the current economic crisis - Socialist Review, January 2009.

Torab Saleth
Class Nature of the Iranian State
December 2007
From the Critique magazine

Iraj Azarin
Mystical Socialism - Bettelheim's "Transitional Period"
November 2007
From the "Workers Socialist Unity" site

Foroogh Asadpoor
A Critique of Neo-historicism
November 2007

Ali Farmandeh
The Right to Self-determination or the Policy of "Solving the National Question"
December 2006

Ali Farmandeh
From the Fedayii Movement to Fedayii Organisations
December 2006
A crtitique of Fedayii organisations from the inside.

Daniel Bensaïd
On a Recent Book by John Holloway

Torab Saleth
On The Left Unity Platform
March 2005
Transcript of a speech on the Platform of the Iranian Workers Left Unity

Shahab Borhan
Which Independence, Equality and Freedom For Women
Apr 2004
A reply to a manifesto on Women by Shahrzad Mojab

The Working Class or the Multitude
Chris Harman & Michael Hardt debate

revolutionary Socialism - The Minimum Theoretical, Political and Organisational Platform
October 1994

Reza Moghaddam
A Critique of Islamic Councils
From the Workers Socialist Unity site

Ernest Mandel
Trotsky’s Conception of Self-organisation and the Vanguard Party
Nov 1989
Revised version of a paper submitted to the Internationales Symposium Leo Trotzki – Kritiker und Verteidiger der Sowjetgesellschaft, Wuppertal 26-29 March 1990.

Ernest Mandel
How To Make No Sense of Marx
From Marxists’ Internet Archive

Shahab Borhan
Women - a Volcano Under the Islamic Republic
Mar 1984

Torab Saleth
Revolution and Counter-revolution in Iran
August 1985
An internal discussion document submitted to the Bureau of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International written by a member of the International Committee, Saber Nikbin (Torab Saleth).

A. Rahim
Results and Prospects
November 1982

The Fedayees' revolutionary Socialist Tendency
March 1982
The statement on the formation of a revolutionary socialist tendency inside the Fedayee Organisation (minority faction).

Torab Saleth
Third Anniversary - What Now?
February 1982
A statement written on the third anniversary of the Iranian revolution2, inviting critical currents within the left organisations to join together for a new re-groupment of the Iranian left. An invitation which led in April 1982 to the formation of the revolutionary Socialist Tendency.

Fourth International
Socialist Democracy and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
September 1979

Perry Anderson
The Antinomies of Antonio Gramsci
From NLR 100

Writing the Truth - Five Difficulties
Bertolt Brecht

A. Soltanzadeh
The Socio-economic Roots of Reza Shah's Monarchy
Soltanzadeh's views on Reza Shah's period in opposition to the official Soviet positions on Iran.

Rosa Luxemburg
The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions
From Essential Rosa Luxemburg by Helen Scott, Haymarket Books

Rosa Luxemburg
Marxist Theory and the Proletariat

Rosa Luxemburg
Stagnation and Progress of Marxism

What is to be Done

On Optimism and Pessimism

Critique of Hegel's Philosophy Of Right