Accumulation Crisis and Global Police State

Republished from Critical Sociology

Civil War in Spain

Part of a special issue of Kandokav on the Spanish Civil War. Translated into Persian by Y.K.

A Critique of Anarcho-Collectivism

Frpm Kandokav 6 (in Persian)

Conspiracy, Revolt, Revolution and Social Disintegration

An abridged translation of an interview by Behzad Asadi with Torab Saleth about the recent upheavals in Iran-Jan-2018

Present Epoch

A review of the concept of epoch in Marxism and an analysis of the present epoch. (article in Persian)

History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency - Part 1: 1971-79

The History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency is based on discussions with Torab Saleth over a number of sessions which will be published in a series of Kandokav issues. This first part deals with the period between 1971 to the Iranian Revolution in 1979.  (in Persian)

Political Subject, Symptom of a Dark Confused Age

A critique of petty-bourgeois supra-class ideas and politics.

Manifesto of Revolutionary Socialism

From Kandokav 2 - The Manifesto of revolutionary Socialism (a proposal for discussion on the need for a revolutionary socialist tendency in Iran): Dying but Barbaric Capitalism; Bourgeoisie and its Rivals; The Crises; The Revolts and the Solutions; The Socialists and the revolutionary Road of Marxian Socialism; revolutionary Socialism and Contemporary Iran.  

Marx and the Revolutionary Dictatorship of the Proletariat

From Kandokav 2: The Current Roots of the Debate; Marx and Proletarian Dictatorship; State and Government; Governmental Form Of Proletarian Dictatorship.  

On the Asiatic Mode of Production

From Kandokav 2 - The Importance of the Theory of Asiatic Mode of Production; Marx and the Asiatic Mode of Production; Characteristics of the Asiatic Mode of Production; Asiatic Mode of Production in Iran  

Socialists and the Slogan of Constituent Assembly

From Kandokav 2 - The Nature of the Problem; The Experience of the Iranian revolution2; Bourgeois and Socialist revolution2s; The Right Opposition; The Left Opposition; Evasions; The Experience of the Russian revolution2; Workers State and Constituent Assembly; Historical Scenarios.