Kandokav in Telegram
Kandokav has started a channel in Telegram

Socialist Forum

Journal of Socialist Theory

International Viewpoint
the monthly English-language magazine of the Fourth International

Monthly Review
An independent socialist magazine

New Left Review
A journal of the left, published every two months from London

Israeli Occupation Archive
Link to IOA project which started in February 2009, following Israel’s attack on Gaza. Since then, IOA coverage of the Israeli occupation has expanded to include Israeli-Palestinian history going back to the pre-1948 years. The Archive contains nearly 3,000 news stories, coverage of ‘facts on the ground,’ analysis and commentary.

Weekly Worker

Critique of Political Economy
Persian site of this name and links to its periodicals

Socialist Left Unity
Dariche TV
The TV of Iranian Socialist Left Unity


The Process Group

"View", a Persian Socialist Journal published in Europe

revolutionary Socialist Tendency
Site of a "journal of revolutionary socialism" with an extensive archive of past issues listed by individual articles of magazines published by the Iranian left.