Sergio Grez
Chili. Le soulèvement populaire doit ouvrir la voie à l’assemblée constituante
Nov 2019
Par Sergio Grez (Forum de l’Assemblée constituante)

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
The women’s growing movement against Trump
March 2017

Revolutionary Socialist Tendency on Telegram
Revolutionary Socialist Tendency has started a channel on Telegram.

Turn Zamani's Death into a Banner of Workers' Unity and Solidarity!
Sep 2015
A statement from workers committees in Iran

Shahrokh was Guilty of Unending Resistance
Sep 2015
Statement of Shahrokh Zamani support committee on his suspicious death in jail.

Khabat Maziyar
Syriza's Proposed Package: the Big Deceit or a little Obedience
July 2015

Shahrokh Zamani
Free Esmaeel Abdi
July 2015
Shahrokh Zamani from inside Gohar Dasht prison calls for solidarity with the striking teachers and the demand for the freedom of jailed teachers.

Building Workers Monthly, 4
June 2015
The monthly bulletin of "syndicalist building workers" in Iran - in Persian

Justin Raimondo
The Israeli-Saudi Alliance
June 2015
Does it go deeper than a mutual antipathy to Iran? From

Maral Jefroudi
Parliamentary Elections in Turkey
June 2015
HDP’s poetic call for “Great Humanity” - from International Viewpoint

Torab Saleth
Diplomatic Victory or Islamic Capitulation!
April 2015
About the Iran-US nuclear deal - in Persian

Moshe Machover
After the Israeli Elections
March 2015
From Weekly Worker

Torab Saleth
A Note on the Israeli Elections
March 2015
Notes on the growing class divisions in Israeli society and its effects on the upcoming elections

Moshe Machover
Netanyahu's Double Gamble
March 2015
An article by Moshe Machover, on the Israeli Elections - from the "Israeli Occupation Archive" site -

Shideh Sotudeh
Politics is the continuation of war by other means!
March 2015
If Clausewitz had seen the current world-order of permanent wars brought about by US imperialism he would have probably said the opposite! So what are the prospects for peace in the Middle East if USA and Iran can reach agreement on the nuclear issue?

Majid Naficy
Swan Lake
8th March 2015

Results of the Greek Elections
Asoo Fuladi interviews Torab Saleth about the Greek election results.

Amin Hasoori
Zizek and Charlie Hebdo
Jan 2015
From Praxis

Andreas Sartzekis
Greece: Election Results
Jan 2015
An early analysis of the election results.

David Graeber
Roy Bhaskar obituary
Dec 2014
Guardian, 4th Dec. 2014

The Third Gathering in Support of the National Workers Organisation
The Third Gathering in Support of the National Workers Organisation

Mohammad Reza Shalgooni
The Real Culprits for Acid Attacks on Women are Sitting in "Parliament"
October 2014
From Gozareshgaran site

International Day in Support of Kobane Resistance
Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity! Date for the Global Rally: 1 November 2014, 2pm

Amed Dicle
The results of the Kobane war; so far…
October 2014
The results of the Kobane war; so far ... from Amed Dicle, a Kurdish journalist and TV presenter.

Simon Wells
Threat of Social Breakdown - Ebola Epidemy
October 2014
The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is a product of structural poverty and politics, argues Simon Wells

Ramin Javan
Ukraine at the Centre of the World Capitalist Crisis
August 2014

Yassamine Mather
Israel's Secret Nuclear Arsenal
July 2014
From the Weekly Worker

On the "Iran Tribunal"
Amin Hasoori

Ali Khedri
Help the "Coordinating Committee"
May 2005
The Coordinating Committee to help Form Workers’ Organizations