Behzad Asadi interviews Torab Saleth about the recent upheavals in Iran-Jan-2018 (in Persian)

Marxism and Revolutionary Strategy
Socialists and the Slogan of Constituent Assembly
Islamic Revolution or Counterrevolution
Revolution and Counter-revolution in Iran
Turn Zamani's Death into a Banner of Workers' Unity and Solidarity!
Shahrokh was Guilty of Unending Resistance
Free Esmaeel Abdi
Towards a National Workers Organisation
The Third Gathering in Support of the National Workers Organisation
Problems of the Workers Movement and the Need for a National Organisation
Against the Death Sentence, in Defence of the Right of Self-determination for National Minorities
Speech on May Day
Leaving Workers out of Politics
The Role of Advanced Workers in Iran
About the Class Struggle in Iran
Help the "Coordinating Committee"
What are Independent Workers Organisations?
A Critique of Islamic Councils
Revolutionary Workers Party - Part 3
Revolutionary Workers Party - Part 2
Revolutionary Workers Party - Part 1
Trotsky’s Conception of Self-organisation and the Vanguard Party
Marxism and the Party
History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency - Part 1: 1971-79
Manifesto of Revolutionary Socialism
revolutionary Socialism - The Minimum Theoretical, Political and Organisational Platform
Results and Prospects
The Fedayees' revolutionary Socialist Tendency
Third Anniversary - What Now?