History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency - Part 1: 1971-79

The History of the Iranian Revolutionary Socialist Tendency is based on discussions with Torab Saleth over a number of sessions which will be published in a series of Kandokav issues. This first part deals with the period between 1971 to the Iranian Revolution in 1979.  (in Persian)

Trotsky and the Workers Soviets

Currently only in Persian

Ideology and Superstructure in Historical Materialism

A Persian translation of Franz Jakubowski's book.

Marxist-Bolshevik Educational Program

Article available in Persian

Political Subject, Symptom of a Dark Confused Age

A critique of petty-bourgeois supra-class ideas and politics.

Manifesto of Revolutionary Socialism

From Kandokav 2 - The Manifesto of revolutionary Socialism (a proposal for discussion on the need for a revolutionary socialist tendency in Iran): Dying but Barbaric Capitalism; Bourgeoisie and its Rivals; The Crises; The Revolts and the Solutions; The Socialists and the revolutionary Road of Marxian Socialism; revolutionary Socialism and Contemporary Iran.  

Marx and the Revolutionary Dictatorship of the Proletariat

From Kandokav 2: The Current Roots of the Debate; Marx and Proletarian Dictatorship; State and Government; Governmental Form Of Proletarian Dictatorship.  

On the Asiatic Mode of Production

From Kandokav 2 - The Importance of the Theory of Asiatic Mode of Production; Marx and the Asiatic Mode of Production; Characteristics of the Asiatic Mode of Production; Asiatic Mode of Production in Iran  

Socialists and the Slogan of Constituent Assembly

From Kandokav 2 - The Nature of the Problem; The Experience of the Iranian revolution2; Bourgeois and Socialist revolution2s; The Right Opposition; The Left Opposition; Evasions; The Experience of the Russian revolution2; Workers State and Constituent Assembly; Historical Scenarios.